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A highly automated Cardiac Event Monitoring,

enabling faster access to quality data and clinical arrhythmias diagnosis.

Abioro RX Patch is the new gold standard replacing traditional 24 hour Holter monitoring.
Uninterrupted recording time upto 14 days; it is capable of later data downloading for analysis and gives the patient access to streaming data during a trigger patient’s monitoring period.
All data is verified via higher algorithm analysis, Artificial Intelligence & Supervised learning models, and validated by Quality Assurance (QA) professionals.
The single-piece, ergonomically optimized cardiac monitor is easy for patients to wear and use; it is possible to exercise, shower & sleep comfortably.

ABIORO & Digital Health's Impact on the Quadruple Aim


Health system cost reduction

Multiple studies suggest that one-third of important arrhythmias occur beyond 48 hours, and the vast majority are detected during 8 days of continuous ECG monitoring.
The ECG patch monitor’s long wear time allows more opportunity to capture cardiac arrhythmias that may not be recorded in a standard 24- to 48-hour Holter monitor; it is logical to conclude that the Holter patch is the most cost-effective device.


Extending arrhythmia monitoring periods results in a greater number of arrhythmia events to be detected.
It is estimated that up to 68% of 24-hour monitoring studies are inconclusive due to such a short monitoring duration, 24- to 48-hour Holter is useful for patients with frequent and reproducible palpitation.
With the 8 days ABIORO Patch, the physicians can now have access to up to 8 times more ECG information to instill a greater level of confidence in the findings of the study.

Artificial Intelligence & Cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Data Service includes a cloud service that synchronizes and consolidates data from medical wearable sensors on patients in multiple locations into a secure web-based portal.
The AI module developed by engineers and researchers of ABIORO potentially has a high accuracy compared to the trained cardiologists to classify a wide range of distinct arrhythmias.
It can provide diagnosis results several days sooner compared with other providers.

Improve the Patient Experience

Patients prefer a monitor that is: unobtrusive; may be worn while bathing or showering; does not itch or irritate the underlying skin; can be removed by the patient at the end of the monitoring period, and collects and analyzes the data in the shortest effective time.
The cloud-platform enables physicians to monitor patients without having to come into contact with them, thus preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Abioro RX ECG system

Modern cloud architecture & Modular hardware

A dual processor wearable ambulatory ECG monitor with sampling rate upto 1000Hz, 8 GB internal storage and Water resistance IP22, delivers uninterrupted 24 hours a day beat-by-beat data for up to 14 days.

Artificial neural network for ecg classification

Deep learning approach can classify a broad range of distinct arrhythmias with high diagnostic performance similar to that of cardiologists.