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The Product

Abioro Artificial Intelligence Startup develops continuous monitoring of synchronized vital signs and digital biomarkers with user-friendly wearable patches.
Our main product is arrhythmia diagnosis, and we have the expertise to work with the following wearable clinical physiological data:
Heart Rate, ECG, Respiration Rate, Temperature, Blood Oxygen (Sp02), Blood pressure, Posture, and Activity Levels.

Our mission

We develop algorithms, software, devices, and services that are worth to customers with a focus on growth and a profitable market.
That development is based on a business plan for guiding product creation based on a target market and distribution channels.
By developing data-driven medical devices based on large databases of procedural data with the highest standards of data protection,
our mission is to build one valuable company for the shareholders, selling products with technical and economic benefits for doctors and patients.

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A Multitask, hands-on doer with attention to detail, expertise for gathering requirements, critical thinking for data analysis, resolving project conflict & design, remodeling; continuously evaluating, and optimizing the performance management plan.

Luis Loreti is Co-founder of Abioro, Inc.
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Inventive Front& Back End Developer with numeracy expertise. Work ethic and perseverance skills.

Vishal Nath is Co-founder of Abioro, Inc.